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Welcome to the NT Postgraduate Medical Council’s website. The website provides information about the NT Postgraduate Medical Council and offers a range of resources and links for medical professionals. Our team is made up of a:

● Breast Surgeon

Plastic and reconstructive surgeon

Medical Lawyer

● Graduate Family Lawyer

● Post Graduate Surgeon

● Emergency Dentist

The Starting Point - the New Doctor

Prevocational training is a journey from qualifying as a doctor to embarking on a defined career path in medicine. The starting point is the "day one undifferentiated intern" - Postgraduate year 1 (PGY1). All universities recognise this portrait, which is the end-product of the undergraduate medical course. The general philosophy is that the undifferentiated intern has the background knowledge, skills and attitudes to function and professionally develop as a doctor.

The NT Postgraduate Medical Council would like to acknowledge the assistance and input of the many key stakeholders involved in postgraduate medical education in the NT and Australia for the information contained in this website.

This years winner of the NTPMC medical law scholarship is Jasmine Lee who is currently studying at UWA and is interning at Klimek & Wijay Family Lawyers in Perth.