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The Northern Territory Minister for Health re-established the Northern Territory Postgraduate Medical Council (NTPMC) in June 2008, to provide strategic leadership for early postgraduate medical education and training for Northern Territory junior doctors.

The NT Postgraduate Medical Council is primarily funded by the Department of Health and has delegated responsibility and authority for the following areas:

● Setting Standards for pre-vocational training positions within health services
● Accrediting and monitoring medical training positions for pre-vocational doctors: postgraduate years 1 + 2 (PGY1 + PGY2)
● Development of guidelines and protocols for the education and training of pre-vocational doctors and other medical practitioners not in vocational training programs
● Supporting Clinicians and other professionals involved in the education and training of pre-vocational and other non-vocational doctors
● Identifying and advising on matters that impact on the health and welfare of pre-vocational and other non-vocational doctors.
● Members of the Postgraduate Medical Council are representatives of the stakeholder organisations involved in the support, training, supervision and administration of pre-vocational doctors and other non-vocational medical officers. ● Membership to the Postgraduate Medical Council is via Ministerial appointment. The Council reports to the Minister for Health.

The Council meets quarterly. To see details of the next expected Council meeting download the Annual Meeting Schedule.

The NT Postgraduate Medical Council is also a member of the national body of Postgraduate Medical Education Councils - Confederation of Postgraduate Medical Councils. While the goals and objectives of the Postgraduate Medical Councils are similar, their roles differ from state to state. For further information on each of the Postgraduate Medical Councils, go to our links page.

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