The Council is supported by a number of committees. Each committee includes members of the Postgraduate Medical Council, together with other interested stakeholders.

  • Executive
  • Accreditation
  • Education (under review)
  • International Medical Graduates (to be formed)

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is accountable to the Postgraduate Medical Council and will act on behalf of the Council in between meetings of the Council where decisions are required, between Council meetings. All such decisions shall be endorsed at the next available Meeting of the Council.


The Executive committee shall comprise of:

  • The Chairperson, NTPMC
  • The Deputy Chairperson, NTPMC
  • A NTPMC Committee Chairperson; and
  • The NTPMC Principal/Executive Officer

Accreditation Committee

The Accreditation Committee is accountable to the Postgraduate Medical Council for the development of standards and accreditation of training positions and institutions. The Committees functions and Terms of Reference for the Accreditation Committee are as follows:

Its functions are:

  1. To advise the Northern Territory Board of the Medical Board of Australia through the NTPMC and training institutions on the institutional requirements for intern training.
  2. To establish, implement, manage, monitor, evaluate and review an objective, robust and transparent system to accredit all intern and all prevocational doctors’ placements.

Terms of Reference

  1. To establish and review accreditation standards that focus on optimal learning opportunities and outcomes, particularly those that enhance patient care.
  2. To participate actively in the development, implementation and evaluation of strategic initiatives which support the accreditation process.
  3. To monitor the accreditation review schedule each year.
  4. To advocate for prevocational doctors’ and IMG’s education and training opportunities through the implementation of accreditation standards.
  5. To facilitate and support teams to undertake accreditation reviews at training institutions using the accreditation standards as the basis for reporting.
  6. To review and discuss accreditation review reports, then make recommendations to the NTBMBA through the NTPMC regarding the accreditation status of training institutions and the period of accreditation that should be granted.
  7. To periodically review approved placements and make recommendations to the NTBMBA through the NTPMC on whether or not they should be retained and, if so whether or not any terms or conditions should be attached to the approval.
  8. To provide advice to the Directors of Clinical Training and Medical Education Officers on the development, administration, and supervision of educational and training programs for interns and prevocational doctors ensuring they comply with accreditation standards.
  9. To liaise with other committees of NTPMC as and when necessary to achieve optimal educational outcomes for interns and prevocational doctors.
  10. To liaise with other State and Territory Postgraduate Medical Councils regarding standards and accreditation.
  11. To work with the NT Department of Health on workforce training and management of educational facilities in training units.


In addition to the Council Chair and/or Deputy Council Chair, the following stakeholders have provided a nominee based on their expertise and demonstrated interest in prevocational medical education and training:

Alice Springs Hospital

Dr Paul HelliwellDirector of Clinical Training

Amanda Cawthorne-Crosby - Medical Education Officer

Northern Territory General Practice Education

Dr Nigel GrayGeneral Practitioner, Board Member NTGPE

Silvia Bretta – Prevocational General Practice Placement Program Coordinator

Royal Darwin Hospital

Dr Barbara Bauert - Director of Clinical Training

Sue Stanway
Medical Education Officer

Dr William Majoni - Term Supervisor

Junior Medical Officer

Dr Davina Buntsma - Royal Darwin Hospital

Dr Sally Banfield - Alice Springs Hospital
Dept of Health

Trudi Maly
- Director Library Services

External Consultant to advise the Accreditation Committee as required

Karen Wolf - CEO, PMCQ


Secretariat provided by NTPMC Administrative Support Staff

The Accreditation Committee meets quarterly. For further details of when the Accreditation Committee will next meet download the Annual Meeting Schedule.

Education Committee (under review)

The Education Committee will be responsible for the identification, evaluation and monitoring of education and training programs for prevocational medical officers and other non-vocational doctors. The Committee will monitor national and international developments in prevocational education and training and advise Council on these issues. The Education Committee will report to the Council on strategies and outcomes to assist in the continuous improvement of prevocational education and training for prevocational doctors in the Northern Territory.

Terms of Reference

  1. Work with clinicians, other professionals, programs and other providers involved in the education and training of prevocational doctors to develop and promote appropriate educational standards and programs
  2. Advise the NTPMC Accreditation Committee on appropriate educational standards for facilities to ensure appropriate infrastructure and support of prevocational medical officers
  3. Evaluate medical education and training programs for prevocational medical officers and their supervisors and develop where required
  4. Work with clinicians and other health professionals to identify supervision requirements and appropriate training requirements of supervisors
  5. Work with clinicians and other professionals to develop and promote training programs for supervisors of prevocational doctors
  6. Oversee and support the implementation of the Australian Curriculum Framework for junior doctors (ACF JD) in the NT

Membership Stakeholder Groups 

Northern Territory School of Medicine Flinders NT

Alice Springs Hospital

General Practice Education and Training

Royal Darwin Hospital

Junior Medical Officer

Department of Health

Secretariat provided by NTPMC Administrative Support Staff


The Education Committee is not currently meeting whilst the committee is under review. For further details of when the Education Committee will next meet download the Annual Meeting Schedule.

International Medical Graduates Committee (To be established in the future)

The International Medical Graduates (IMG’s) Committee will be responsible for coordinating and monitoring the policies and actions of the agencies responsible for the management of IMGs in the NT. The IMG Committee through the Council will provide leadership in developing and implementing policies which support, attract and retain IMGs in the NT workforce.