Terms of Reference

  1. Setting the strategic direction for the Council;
  2. Develop and ratify policies that support the goals and objectives of Council;
  3. Oversee the development of the Council’s budget and financial performance;
  4. Establish terms of reference for council committees, receive reports, and make recommendations as appropriate;
  5. Facilitate effective communication and a common approach among key stakeholders to achieve the goals and objectives of the Council;
  6. Prepare issues papers for consultation and disseminate information to organisations represented on Council and stakeholders.

Specifically the Council will:

  • Provide leadership, guidance and advice on all issues relating to prevocational education and training in the Northern Territory
  • Provide expert advice to the Minister for Health and Department of Health and Families on prevocational medical education and training
  • Make recommendations to the Medical Board of the Northern Territory, on the accreditation of courses and educational institutions for intern training in the Northern Territory
  • Establish, maintain and promote relationships with relevant national and jurisdictional organisations, including other Postgraduate Medical Councils, and the Confederation of Postgraduate Medical Education Councils
  • Become the representative voice on issues associated with prevocational matters at both the Territory and where approved at a national level
  • Promote integration of education and training across the undergraduate, prevocational and vocational continuum
  • Advocate on behalf of prevocational medical officers on matters relating to safety and quality, prevocational education and training and health and welfare issues.