Australian Curriculum Framework

The ACF was launched in November 2006 and has been revised in February 2009 and in 2012.

The curriculum framework recognises the educational needs of prevocational doctors irrespective of their planned specialisation or training location.  It is a guide for medical education providers, clinical teachers and employers to provide a structured and planned program of education for prevocational doctors.  It has the potential to be a bridge between undergraduate curricula and those of college training programs.  The ACF also enables the individual doctor to assess their own education and training needs and plan their own professional development activities.

This framework is built around three learning areas: Clinical Management, Communication and Professionalism.  Many of these will have been encountered at an undergraduate level but need to be further developed during prevocational training and will continue to develop in subsequent postgraduate years.

The ACF focuses on outcomes of learning.  Different prevocational terms will provide the opportunity to acquire specific capabilities from the framework and these should be identified within the term description and during the orientation to the term.

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