Australian Curriculum Framework

Each Hospital Facility has a Medical Education Unit (MEU) that has some key personnel in Clinical Training as part of their team. The key personnel may include a:

  • Director of Clinical Training
  • Medical Education Officer
  • Medical Education Administration Officer
  • Medical Education Registrar (not all MEU’s have one)

These key personnel manage, facilitate, evaluate, provide professional development in and where appropriate, design, develop and deliver training, assessment and pastoral care for pre-vocational Medical Officers at Royal Darwin Hospital and other associated training locations in the Top End.

They also provide professional advice, support and professional development in the design, delivery and assessment of vocational training by Departments within the Divisions of Surgery and Critical Care, Medicine, Maternal and Child Health and Medical Services.

The medical education units contribute to the assessment of pre-vocational medical officer performance and where appropriate assist in remediation and counselling.

To learn more about these and other key personnel in Clinical Training go to the Working in the NT folder and find Roles of Key Personnel in Clinical Training.